Mona restaurant
is an elegant and relaxed Chef Bistro, nestled in an historic stone house in the heart of Jerusalem.

And in simple & delicious food.
Simple – Simple is never simple. It takes meticulous planning to make an evening roll out smoothly and pleasantly.


We believe in comfortable hospitality.
The kind of hospitality that never forgets the person that sits at that table, that came especially to dine with us. Hospitality that is immersed in knowledge so that it can genuinely listen. Hospitality that aims to always exceed the expectations of our guests.

Delicious – Delicious is always delicious. It doesn’t matter if it is a freshly picked tomato, hot from the sun, or a fish fillet with Beurre Blanc sauce. Delicious is something that is hard to miss, it is either there in all of its glory, or it isn’t. In order to make delicious food we choose our suppliers and our farmers carefully. We research, learn, and taste an awful lot in order to achieve delicious food and wine.

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